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Premium Logistics – Professional

The 30 year history of Deluxe Freight is a testament to the professionalism of the business in a sector that is often characterised by short company life spans. The growth of the business has been built on executing every element of operation and management in both a professional and intelligent manner with a focus on building quality into the customer offer.

DF customers can expect appropriate, ethical business like standards of behaviour in all their interactions with the business and a level of identification with their objectives that demonstrates the DF intent for long-term relationships.

All aspects of the operation must convey that professionalism, both in delivery and presentation. That applies equally to the companies people and it’s on road equipment. Customer responsiveness is demonstrated not only in speed, but also in offering solutions outside the expected parameters that can help provide a competitive edge to customers.


Professional Logistics – Personal

This facet is founded on the heritage of the company as a family concern and the current reality of a business in which the owners are closely involved. It’s in our DNA.

The careful nurturing of personal relationships with the customers is part of the company ethos. Ensuring that customers have direct contact with the DF decision makers and senior management is proof of that personal focus.

Such personal attention means that customers will be responded to quickly and will be able to speak to a responsible and qualified company representative. It also means they will not be dealt with in an impersonal manner when trying to get in contact with the right person.

It is a premium promise in a market in which impersonal corporate communications and processes can be used as a shield for lack of timely and accurate response.

It does not promise to solve every problem but give matters individual and personal attention.

Best Equipment – Agility – Innovation.

DF employs only the best people and strives to give them the best equipment with which to deliver the premium outcomes for customers

The company fosters a culture of innovation where all are engaged in continually improving administrative and operational processes, behaviours and situational responses. The twin drivers for innovation are

Responding to customer needs is critical and is combined with the ability to think outside the square and offer solutions that demonstrate agility and flexibility without sacrificing quality and integrity.

All touch points with internal and external audiences will be a reflection of the professionalism that sets DF apart from the mass transport market.