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About Deluxe Freight Systems

Careers with DF

Interested in a career in Transport and Logistics ?

Deluxe Freight has positions available from time to time, from frontline roles either on the road or in our warehouses.

Driver / Loadmaster Training

–               All new staff undergo extensive testing prior to recruitment.

–                Full Medical Exam – Carried out by NHVR accredited doctor

–                Driving History check – Last 5 years of driving history vetted.

–                Employment History Check – Verify references

–                Knowledge Quiz – Vehicle operation and road use questions. 80% to pass.

–                Driving Test – This is conducted by a certified trainer. This ensures a safe driver.

–                Then Training Begins

–                Induction Training – Policy & Procedures

–                Onsite Training – An experienced member of staff is sent with new member to ensure processes are understood and adhered to.

–                Fatigue Management – All staff undergo formal training in how fatigue affects performance.

Cert III in Transport & Distribution – This covers load restraint, vehicle maintenance, OH & S, navigation, road craft, customer product knowledge, transport legislation, dispute resolution and customer service.

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